Portraits in Glass


  I take great care in designing portraits of our beloved pets. I work from photos, trying to capture the lines that give our pets their individual character.  


  I attempt to choose glass that closely matches their coat color, trying to show the natural highlights and shadows.  


  Paint is added sparingly as the beauty of the glass is what makes the portrait sparkle. A bit of paint here and there helps to personalize and bring life to a portrait  

  Portraits can come framed in zinc or a wood frame can be made to your specifications. I can design a portrait of any pet, not just dogs!  

  You will have an opportunity to approve designs and see the glass choices.  

  Pricing varies depending on many factors. If you are interested in a custom portrait of your pet in glass, please email Susan at houses.dogs.glass@gmail.com so we can start discussing the process!  

More Portraits!

Kohler and Nova

This was commissioned by someone who wanted the perfect Christmas gift for a friend. She sent photos of her friends dogs Kohler and Nova. I combined them into one portrait. 


Commissioned by the same friend, this is Murphy. He is done in a 4" ornament


Although it's always better to have an actual image of your dog, I can find stock poses of certain breeds and customize for your needs.